Our Companion Animal Therapy Laser can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions in dogs and cats including arthritis, strains and sprains, wounds, ear hematomas and chronic ear infections, inflammatory bowel, pre-surgical, post-surgical, acute, and chronic disease states, and much more. And our patients love it!! They relax and enjoy the treatment as if they were getting a soothing massage. Just look at our patients as our certified laser therapists administer treatment.

The Companion therapy laser system works by sending photons, or “packets of light energy”, deep into tissue without damaging it. These photons are absorbed within the mitochondria of the cells and induce a chemical change called photo-bio-modulation. This light energy helps increase ATP production. ATP is the energy cells needed for repair and rejuvenation. Increased ATP production leads to healthier cells, healthier tissue, and healthier animals. Or in plain English, the therapeutic laser will speed up healing, bring down swelling and decrease pain!

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